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It was during the Second World War when Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (Flex PCBs) were first heard of. From then to now, the growth and advancement in the field of Flex PCBs has been phenomenal. As the world began to discover the enormous utility of this circuitry, Rigiflex with its trailblazing technology and innovative precision started offering Flex PCBs as an ideal replacement for traditional wire harnesses. So what then exactly is a Flex PCB all about?

PCB Assembly

A Flex PCB is an arranged pattern of printed circuitry that makes use of flexible material with or without a flexible cover lay. The USP of these flexible assemblies is that they can be fabricated using the same components, which we otherwise use for manufacturing rigid printed circuit boards, but the difference is that this technology allows the board to be molded into a desired shape during application.

The ease of assembling, light weight, and the ability to manage thermal dissipation, and the flexibility during installation are some of the reasons why Flex PCBs are sought after. So whether it is communications, industrial, aerospace, automotive, or medical as an industry, you name it and Flex PCBs have made a foray into it. Due to their sturdy resistance to vibrations and movements, they are extensively used during transportation.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to boast of, and dust-free inspection rooms and production areas, which comply with the inspection standards of IPC 6013 Class 2 and 3, Rigiflex are truly the pioneers when it comes to manufacturing Flex PCBs. The ability to create any design suiting the client’s needs coupled with an unbeatable turnaround time is what distinguishes Rigiflex from the rest.

For any queries regarding Flex PCB features, specifications, project work and delivery, reach out to Rigiflex on 714.688.1500, or email to learn more about customized solutions for your project.

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