Flexible PCBs

Flexible PCBs

Rigiflex concentrate on creating the most advanced tools and technology in flexible printed circuit board manufacturing.

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigiflex Technology is ITAR registered and manufactures Rigid-Flex PCB in compliance with all industry standards.

Rigid PCBs

Rigid PCBs

Rigiflex is one of the foremost companies in the design and manufacturing of rigid printed circuit boards.

A Comprehensive Guide to PCB Inspection: Errors and Inspection Methods Analyzed

As the world progresses, the demand for smaller, faster, and more reliable circuit boards increases. The development of new technologies has allowed for the creation of smaller and more intricate devices. These devices are more likely to fail if the circuit board is not made correctly. To combat this, the manufacturing process of PCBs has

PCB Insulation – Importance and Materials Used Discussed

Printed circuit boards are an integral part of any electronic device. PCBs consist of conductive coating to transmit electricity, which makes them generate heat during the current flow. To protect printed circuit boards from excess heat generation, it is important to apply a layer of insulation, which is a non-conductive, dielectric material. PCB insulation provides

An Introduction to Different Types of Copper Clad PCB Boards

Printed circuit boards are laminated at the end of the PCB assembly to improve their performance and stability in different operating conditions. This lamination is done using various types of materials, including FR-4, high-performance FR-4, high TG epoxy, BT epoxy, Teflon, and copper clad (CCL). Among these, copper-clad PCB boards are gaining immense popularity. A

5 Signs That You Need to Look for a New Electronics Contract Manufacturer for Your Next Project

Working with an experienced electronics contract manufacturer is always advantageous. This is because they understand the challenges in your industry and would guide you about the evolving trends. Also, most electronic contract manufacturers are well-equipped, which helps you gain a competitive edge in the market. Careful consideration goes into the selection phase, still, things may

A Brief Introduction to SMT Stencils for Printed circuit Boards

The printed circuit boards may look like small chips in big devices; however, designing, manufacturing, and assembling them require careful planning. The PCB assemblers use various types of implements when assembling these boards, and stencils are one of the important ones among them. This stencil is known as a surface mount technology stencil or a

How Significant are PCB Transmission Line Impedance Calculators

The printed circuit board design involves several considerations. The impedance of transmission lines is one of them. This is because the impedance will determine the amount of signal that is lost along the line. PCB transmission line impedance is critical for ensuring that electrical signals are transmitted properly between different components in a circuit. By

LED Printed Circuit Boards: Materials and Advantages Explained

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are considered the best alternative to many traditional lighting solutions like mercury bulbs, sodium vapor lamps, metal halide lights, and so on. LEDs are a type of solid-state lighting that uses semiconductors to convert electricity into light. They help reduce energy usage by as much as 80% and last longer

Know Different Copper Foil Types Used for High-frequency Designs

High-frequency printed circuit boards have gained immense traction in the electronics segment, and are extensively used in high-speed data transfers, telecommunications, and RF technology. These PCBs transmit electromagnetic waves in GHz with minimal losses. Designing high-frequency PCBs with specific characteristics is a tedious process as it demands balanced considerations of technical specifications. One of those

PCB Vias Design Guidelines – Things You Must Know

As the demand for performance-driven, high speed, and yet miniature devices grows, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and assembling have gained immense traction as almost all of these products and devices are driven by PCBs. A flawless PCB design is crucial for further processes such as accurate mounting of components, circuits, vias, and so on.

Designing Practices for Successful High-Speed PCB Assembly

The increasing demand for advanced, high-speed, and performance-driven applications has surged the same for complex PCBs designs and high-speed, quick turn PCB assemblies. too. Electronic components such as microcontrollers and signal converters can perform several operations within a fraction of seconds with digital circuits. Therefore, appropriate fabrication of these circuits needs to be done. If

What Are the Rising Trends and Challenges in PCB Design and Fabrication?

As the demand for complex, miniature, performance-driven electronics and electromechanical devices has grown, it has driven the demand for printed circuit boards (PCBs) too. While complex PCB designs are being used in several electronic gadgets which are becoming small in size, they are also used in devices required for mission-critical applications in defense, medical, aerospace,

A Detailed Discussion on PCB Assembly Problems and Their Solutions

Over the years, the demand for complex, compact, and performance-driven electronic devices have grown. As the demand for fast, yet miniature devices is growing, the printed circuit boards (PCBs) fabrication process is has gotten complex. Almost all electronics devices in use today feature PCBs which contribute to the functioning and performance of these devices. Therefore,

Know About Rogers PCB Materials and Their Major Types

The demand for high performing electronic products has increased over the years. A large number of these products are driven by printed circuit boards with stable temperature and high-quality dielectric constant. Today’s PCB manufacturers achieve this requirement utilizing the best of PCB materials. They are replacing the traditional FR4 (Flame Retardant) with materials that ensure