Flexible Printed Circuit Boards: Features, Types, and Applications

Flexible printed circuit boards are used widely in various electronics. As the name suggests, a flexible circuit is an assembly of electrical components on a supple substrate such as polyester, polyimide, or PEEK. These PCBs can be designed for highly compact placement of components that are used in sophisticated electronic devices.

Flexible PCB

Various Types of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Based on the Conductive Layers

Some of the basic types of flex printed circuit boards are:

  • Single Layer: In this type, the electronic component’s circuit is mounted on a single layered substrate that is usually made from copper and conductive polymer or PEEK.
  • Double Layer: This type of flex PCB has the circuit placed on two layers of conductor substrates.
  • Multi Layer: In this type, three or more layers of conductors are used for the mounting of electronic components.

Distinguishing Features of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards:

Flex circuit boards are preferred by many electronic goods manufacturers because of following distinct features:

  • Flexible PCBs are very adoptive in nature and thus, they can be used for meticulous designing and placement of electronic components with ease;
  • Flex PCBs are light in weight and hence, they can be efficiently integrated in an electronic component without increasing its bulkiness;
  • Flexible circuit boards are known for effectively managing the process of thermal dissipation;
  • Flex PCBs are easy for assembly and require lesser time as well as cost;
  • Flex circuit boards are perfectly suitable for minute electronic parts because of their flexible substrates.

Where Can You Use Flexible Printed Circuit Boards?

Flex PCBs are versatile in nature. They can be used in different electronic devices where space saving is the major concern. Some of the common applications of flex PCBs are:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Military (Defense) Gadgets
  • Medical Equipment
  • Automobile Parts

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