How Immersion Gold PCB Varies from Gold Plated PCB?

Surface finishing refer to coating applied between the component and bare board PCB. Immersion gold PCBs and gold plated PCBs are two popular types of PCB lashed with surface finishing. Gold plating process refers to depositing a thin layer of gold over the copper surface to prevent it from oxidation. Immersion gold plating is a type of surface coating, where a thin layer of immersion gold is applied on the PCB substrate. Immersion gold and gold plating are often confused due to their similarities. This post discusses these types in detail.

Immersion Gold PCB

Difference between Immersion Gold PCB and Gold Plated PCB

Below are striking few differences between immersion gold PCB and gold-plated PCB

  • In terms of gold thickness, immersion gold has a higher thickness than gold plated PCB, which gives it a dense crystal structure look. Immersion gold PCB attracts with its brilliant yellow gold color.
  • The gold plated PCB is less solderable than immersion gold. The immersion gold PCB is less vulnerable to any kind of defects or marks.
  • Gold plated PCBs have poor signal transmission when compared to immersion gold PCBs. Why? This is because immersion gold PCBs have a layer of nickel applied on the pads, which doesn’t affect the signal transmission.
  • Immersion gold PCB are ideal for applications that demand flat PCBs. The flatness of the immersion gold PCB gives it priority over gold-plated PCB.
  • Owing to the increased wiring density, short wiring is easy to happen on gold plated PCBs which saves a lot of money and material needed for wiring. Wiring density doesn’t have any impact on the immersion gold PCB, since only the pads have nickel gold.
  • Immersion gold PCB helps decrease product footprint due to its compact crystal structure.

The choice between the immersion gold plating PCBs is entirely dependent on your requirement. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of gold plated or immersion gold printed circuit boards, you can always approach Rigiflex. The company provides PCBs in various surface finishes to meet your application requirements.

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