PCBs Used for Various Devices and Applications

PCBs are used across several industries. They are amongst the inevitable components used in all the electrical and electronic devices. Applications of PCBs are innumerable as they are easily available and provide quick assembly of modern electronic circuits.

PCb used for devices and application

Application Areas of PCBs

The increasing miniaturization of integrated circuits, higher packing density and smaller layout-dimensions call for the use of various forms of PCB’s in electrical and electronic devices. PCB’s have been extensively used in, but not limited to areas such as:

  • Telecommunications – PCB’s are one of the crucial elements used in the manufacturing of:
    • Point to point microwave transceivers
    • Storage systems
    • Mobile communication systems
    • Commercial and private aircraft radios and instrumentation
    • Relay stations
    • Wireless systems
    • Digital and analog broadcasting systems
  • Consumer electronics – PCB’s find their applications in:
    • TV remote controls
    • CD players
    • Calculators
    • Lighting appliances
    • Handheld video games
    • Washing machines
    • AV equipment
    • Microwave oven
  • Aerospace – Various forms of PCB’s have been widely used in the making of:
    • Robotic cable assemblies
    • Satellite systems
    • Data acquisition equipment
    • Lightening protection chassis
    • Radar systems
    • Space shuttle controls and systems
    • Transducer power supply assemblies
    • Radio communication systems
  • Medical – Some of the medical equipments that make use of PCB’s include:
    • Body movement tracking devices
    • Hospital inventory control devices
    • Heart Monitors
    • Automated medicine dispensing equipment
    • Breathing machines
    • Imaging equipment
    • Wireless controllers
  • Military – PCB’s can be customized in several ways to be used in rugged and robust military equipment. Some of the military equipment which makes use of PCB’s includes:
    • Military grade computers
    • Fire Control circuits
    • Satellite navigation instrumentation
    • Direction finding equipment
    • Missile guidance systems
    • IFF transponders
    • IR detectors
    • Night Vision Goggles

Applications of PCBs are not limited to these areas or devices but extend to automotive, computing and storage, industrial and instrumentation products, networking and communications and many more.

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