What you need to know about high frequency PCB

High frequency printed circuit boards are used to transmit electromagnetic waves in the frequency of GHz with minimal loses. Hence, printed circuit board with some specific characteristics are used to transmit these electromagnetic waves. Several parameters are taken into consideration while designing a PCB for high frequency applications. This post discusses these factors, as well as applications of high frequency printed circuit boards.

High Frequency PCB

Factors influencing a high frequency PCB Design

Some of the factors needed to design high frequency PCB are mentioned below:

  • The selection of PCB material for high-speed digital circuits is influenced by several factors. The high frequency PCB must offer following features apart from a good structural build-up. Impedance controlled multilayers
  • Sandwich buildup for material combinations
  • Controlled production line
  • Signal loss tolerance
  • Heat sinking ability
  • Operating temperature(temperature expansion, stability over a temperature range)
  • Production cost

Materials used for creating High frequency PCB

Performance of high-frequency boards used in wireless or other high frequency applications are dependent on materials used for construction. In many applications, FR4 material with an appropriate layer buildup is used with improved dielectric properties. Some of the other materials used for high frequencies boards are listed below:

  • Rogers 4350B HF
  • ISOLA IS620 E-fibre glass
  • Taconic RF-35 Ceramic
  • Taconic TLX
  • Rogers RO3001
  • Rogers RO3003
  • ARLON 85N

Applications of High frequency PCB:

High frequency PCB’s are used in the following applications:

  • Automotive Radar Systems
  • Global Positioning Satellite Antennas
  • Cellular Telecommunications Systems – Power Amplifiers and Antennas
  • Direct Broadcast Satellites
  • E-band Point to Point Microwave Links
  • RF Identification (RFID) Tags
  • Airborne and Ground Based Radar Systems
  • Millimeter Wave Applications
  • Missile Guidance Systems
  • Space Satellite Transceivers

The demand for high frequency PCB is catching up in the various industrial vectors.  If you are still skeptical about incorporating high frequency PCBs in your electronic circuits, you can always approach an industry expert in Rigiflex. The company has provided standard, as well as customized high frequency PCBs to various industries. To know more about Rigiflex high frequency PCBs, please click here.

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