Why Did Rigiflex Technology Purchase the DI System from Technica USA?

Technology and quality are the two key factors that drive the success of any industry. For the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, these are extremely important factors that decide the fate of a supplier or manufacturer. One such technology that has been preferred by most PCB manufacturers is the direct imaging (DI) technology developed by Chime Ball Technology (CBT), which was earlier referred to as Maskless Lithography (MLI). Recently, Rigiflex Technology purchased the direct imaging system from Technica USA. Are you intrigued to know why? Read the following post, which answers the “why” behind the purchase of this system.

Rigiflex Team

What Made Rigiflex Purchase the DI System from Technica USA?

Digital imaging has become one of the most widely used processes in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. This technology involves using a focused laser beam to trace the circuit board, which helps reduce the production errors. However, it is not just the technology that matters, but the company from which you are availing the service also plays a critical role in deciding the quality of PCB fabricated. You can come across several manufacturers, who can help you with the PCB fabrication. However, very few among these are experts in implementing direct imaging technology for PCB design and manufacturing. One such expert is Rigiflex, which has a team of experts, with an expertise in fabricating printed circuit boards with the help of DI systems. Recently, the company has invested in the CBT/MLI DI system, which is one of the advanced DI technologies available in the market.

The team at Rigiflex Technology, Inc. conducted a thorough evaluation of different DI systems in the market, before zeroing on the CBT/MLI DI machine. Industrial success of this technology, combined with the support and in-depth knowledge offered by CBT and Technica USA played a key role in the decision making. The company is confident that adoption of this technology will enable its customers to take advantages of CBT/MLI DI technology, which ensures high throughput through in depth-of-focus on the panel topography, and assures excellent line uniformity, too.


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