Accelerated Reshoring Trend; the Latest News in PCB Manufacturing

Gone are the days of offshore PCB manufacturing, which claimed to offer high quality and quick turn PCB production with the help of new technology at low cost. Now, the ongoing trend is domestic PCB manufacturing, which challenges the decade old practice of sending major manufacturing works offshore.

Several risks are associated with offshore PCB manufacturing. Today’s manufacturers are completely aware of the challenges pertaining to offshoring. Offshoring no longer guarantees a lower cost of production due to rising wages abroad. Ever increasing overseas transportation costs also restrict manufacturers from offshoring PCB projects.

Offshore or Domestic? Choose Between the Two

No matter what, several large scale production houses depend on the possibilities of offshore PCB manufacturing. If they know to play well, they can get maximum benefits out of offshoring. Choose offshore or domestic PCB manufacturing after asking the key questions as follows:

  • Does your volume justify offshore manufacturing? For lower volume or prototyping production, offshoring will not be a good choice.
  • Can you deal with cultural differences, time zone differences or language barriers when associating with service providers abroad?
  • Are you getting what you paid for?
  • What about intellectual property? Will that be at greater risk when offshoring?

PCB Manufacturing Back Home!

Recent researches and studies indicate that PCB manufacturers are no more ready to handle the risks that go along with offshoring. Also, they are concerned about the raising quality issues. Lack of proper communication and absence of transparency in business deals result in producing sub-standard products when offshoring. ‘Take what you get’ paradigm in offshoring urged manufacturer to rethink, which in turn accelerated the reshoring trend. Today’s PCB manufacturers realize the importance of coordinated efforts, which help resolve issues quickly with minimal efforts and thus maximize the overall quality of the end product.

Hence, the breeze is in the favor of domestic PCB manufacturing these days! For more information about PCB manufacturing and the services, please visit or contact the company at (714) 688-1500.

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