Things to Consider to Achieve Low Cost PCB Manufacturing

How to reduce the manufacturing cost of PCBs? If you are new to the PCB industry, you will definitely have this question in mind. Well, there are ways to reduce the PCB manufacturing cost substantially! Would you like to know how? Read on.

LOw cost PCB manufaturing

Low Cost PCB Manufacturing

You can’t afford spending more on PCBs? Consider the tips below to achieve a substantial cost savings.

  • Panel Size – The bigger the panel, the higher will be the overall manufacturing cost. Refrain from using large sized panels unless your board is large, or demands special processing. Sensibly decide on the board size and shape to optimize panel utilization. You can try out ways to reduce the width of the rail or the space between PCB components, which eventually leads to the use of small sized panels.
  • Materials – Material options are many to manufacture PCBs. Options for base materials range from polyester, polyimide, aramid, and fiber glass. Also, adhesive can be chosen from modified epoxy, acrylic, polyester, fire retardant acrylic, among others. Similarly, there are several options available for solder paste and insulation. Have a clear understanding on the properties of each and make a wise selection. Your choice should be cost-effective, but at the same time should assure high performance.
  • Finish – The type of finish you have chosen has a huge impact on the final cost. Again, you have plenty of options when it comes to PCB finishes. A few of them are immersion tin, OSP / Entek, nickel immersion gold, and lead free HASL. Again, have a discussion with the manufacturer and choose the right finish that brings you cost savings, whilst provide you with superior results.

In addition to these, you can try out the best to control inspection charges, which can add 10% – 15% to the overall cost of the project. Cut down additional manufacturing (For example, countersinks, complex routing, and controlled depth drilling) and other additional finishing operations until it is really demanding. All these aspects contribute to low cost PCB manufacturing without compromising on the overall quality. For more information about PCB manufacturing and the services, please visit or contact the company at (714) 688-1500.

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