Advancements in the PCB Industry Fuel the Growth of Electronic Adhesive Market, according to Market Reports

The electronic adhesive industry is growing day by day at a faster rate. It has been noted that, continual growth of the PCB industry contributes largely to the developments in the electronic adhesive industry. This is because, production of small to large PCB boards requires electronic adhesives of several kinds to bond different components reliably. Without the use of right and high quality adhesives, PCB fabrication activities will be stagnated.

PCB Industry

Electronic Adhesive Industry – Gearing up For a Huge Boom

PCB manufacturers make use of several types of adhesives to bond wire tacking, encapsulating components, and various surface mount components. Since, the PCB industry is experiencing a steep growth, it will automatically fuel the growth of electronic adhesive industry as well in the coming years.

There are several market studies conducted to estimate the growth rate of the adhesive industry in major markets across the globe. The findings of those researches say, a boom in the PCB market directly stimulates the growth of electronic adhesives industry.

Major Markets for Electronic Adhesives

Let us now see the regions in the world that are expected to be the major markets for the electronic adhesive industry in coming years.

The market for electronic adhesives is estimated to experience a steep growth in the Asia-Pacific region in the coming years, according to several studies. Developments in the electronics industry in this region will directly influence the growth of PCB market. This in turn will surge the sale of various types of electronic adhesives. As per several market studies, value of the electronic adhesive market will reach up to $5.5 billion by 2019. This growth rate is approximately 10.08% from 2015 to 2019. It is anticipated that countries in the Asia-Pacific region will remain as a major market for electronic adhesives due to developments in the PCB industry.

However, Europe and North America are not far behind. These countries are also recognized as the fastest growing markets for electronic adhesives, next to Asia-Pacific countries.

Overall, the wind is blowing in a favorable direction for the electronic adhesive industry as they contribute largely to augment the service life and longevity of PCBs.

To be concluded, the electronic adhesive industry will witness a huge boom in upcoming years, especially from 2015 to 2019 with advances in technologies and new product development.

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