Methods to Find the Right Rigid PCB Manufacturer for your Small OEM Business

There are a number of rigid printed circuit board manufacturers who provide products and PCB solutions to large OEMs. But the fact of the matter is; there are a lot of small OEMs who do not receive the same kind of service. With the growing number of PCB manufacturers, how does an entrepreneur or a newly opened business decide on a PCB manufacturer for his company? Luckily this can be easily solved by following few simple methods.

Rigid PCB Manufacturer

    • Get Multiple Names of Manufacturers:Unless you get a gleaming positive report from a friend or colleague about a particular company, it is always wiser to look at multiple manufacturers when making your decision. With the well-known uncertainty of the electronics industry, you need to get as many recommendations as you can. Look up companies on the Internet. You can even visit trade shows, PCBs expos, and conferences to create your list.
    • Determining the Manufacturer’s Location: While many companies may see this as an irrelevant point, for a small OEM, it does make a difference. Let’s say your client list comprises companies within and outside the US. You are guaranteeing product delivery within a certain time frame. A proficient, local rigid PCB manufacturer will always be more advantageous as you can receive the circuit board on time to manufacture your product.
    • Does the Manufacturer have the Required Capabilities? The design of the printed circuit board will depend on the product that you are selling. Always make sure that the rigid printed circuit board manufacturer you hire has all the necessary equipment and software needed to build the PCB to your specifications. It is better to look for manufacturers who perform all manufacturing processes in house. Also, ensure that he has the relevant certifications for the manufacturing process.
    • Ask for a Sample Prototype: If all the previous methods work out and you find a reliable printed circuit board manufacturer, ask him if he can send over a prototype. This will give you a clear idea as to his manufacturing capabilities and whether he can provide the quality product you are looking for.
    • Check the Prices: A final yet important step. You have to be sure that you are getting a PCB that is value for money. Most manufacturers provide special discounts on large orders. They also provide customized rates for special projects.

If all these points are met, then you can be assured that you have found the right rigid printed circuit board manufacturer for your OEM.

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