PCB Design Industry: Challenging, Rewarding, and Lucrative

Today, the electronics industry is bending and breaking all rules in terms of product innovation, design, and implementation. Yet, one can’t deny the fact that a hardware design can only be realized if it can be implemented on a circuit board. And, that is where a PCB designer comes into the picture. It’s the sole responsibility of the PCB designer to create a pragmatic design that would help in practically realizing the hardware concept. Only a skillful and ingenious PCB designer can understand the application needs of the Printed Circuit Board and suggest changes or improvements to the hardware design.

PCB Design Industry

A Rewarding Career with Excellent Prospects

PCB design is a challenging and exhaustive industry. Yet it is one of the most rewarding professions today. One of the recent PCB design industry surveys indicates that workers in this industry are enjoying higher salaries and bonuses, increased benefits and educational opportunities, larger staff sizes as well as better job security. In other words, the prospects, with regard to PCB design, are excellent. Moreover, rigid, flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit board manufacturers all over the world are looking for young designers on a large scale.

The Numbers Say It All

Around 59% of PCB designers worldwide are over the age of 50, and when it comes to the US, the numbers rise up to 66.5%. Besides, almost a quarter of designers fall between 51 and 55. While, another 18% are under 40, that means the industry is aging, and a higher number of designers are near the end of their careers. Hence, numerous vacancies will automatically be generated over a few years in the PCB design industry. And the good news is that there’s a plenty of room for young and fresh designers all over the world.

Leading printed circuit board manufacturers in the US such as the Anaheim, California based Rigiflex Technology are not only meeting customer requirements in the most innovative ways and making profits, but also generating employment opportunities and contributing to the betterment of society.

If complex electronic circuits fascinate you then the PCB design industry is where you belong to!!

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