Tips to Design a Rigid Printed Circuit Board

Anyone who has worked with a printed circuit board knows that its design and manufacture is a time consuming task. While it is true that most rigid printed circuit boards are manufactured using automated machines, if the basic design created is not clearly defined, then there are bound to be problems in the later stages of manufacturing. That is why it is always important to keep certain important tips in mind.

Rigid Printed Circuit boards

Tips for Designing a Rigid Printed Circuit Board

While the following tips are important, there is no need for them to be taken as ground rules.

  • Utilize a Suitable Drawing Package: When designing your printed circuit board, it is important to use a good drawing package for the initial design. This will help you to mark specific locations for all the various components required.
  • Space out Your Components: A cluttered PCB can cause problems during the final stages of assembly and in an application. Keep a good amount of space between components. Make sure that there is space between the component and the edges of the PCB. The orientation of polarized parts has to be the same.
  • Keep the Power Supply Circuit in Check: The power supply supplies a voltage that needs to be maintained within a specified range. Micro controllers and ICs can create power nets and produce large amounts of noise. To keep this in check, make sure to use decoupling caps near the ICs to reduce the noise.
  • Give the Primary Side Importance: This point is important for double sided PCBs. For this type, keep the primary side of the PCB for placement of heavy components or ones that require regular attention.
  • Choose the Type of Assembly according to the Size of the Order: If the PCB order is small, then you can consider doing the assembly by hand. If there is a high volume of PCBs, then automated assembly would be a better option.

These are just a few simple points that one can keep in mind when designing rigid printed circuit board. For further information rigid printed circuit board is a link for your convenience: or give us a call at (714) 688-1500.

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