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The brilliance of working with Rigiflex lies in innovative design and development, precise implementation, and reliable testing. At Rigiflex, we use cutting-edge PCB manufacturing technologies at a fully equipped manufacturing facility located at Anaheim, CA. As a leading rigid-flex printed circuit board manufacturer, we use the best materials, machinery, and skill sets.

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Rigid-Flex PCBs: Reliable Construction | Powerful Connections | Superb Results

Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are manufactured for precise functioning. From design and production to testing and delivery, our team is efficient and highly skilled at their job. Exceptional products and services have allowed us to maintain a wide client base for a long time period. We provide end-to-end services. We guarantee short turnaround time of 1 to 5 days and on-time delivery of all our products including rigid-flex PCBs. Rigiflex is a trusted rigid-flex printed circuit board manufacturer, who is your partner in growth.

Flex PCBs: Superior Results even in Demanding Conditions

Flexible printed circuit boards are compact-sized, and nowadays becoming fast replacements for complex wire harnesses. These printed circuit boards provide excellent routing paths in condensed packages. With three dimensional electronic configurations gaining popularity, the demand for flexible circuit boards have grown immensely. This is because flex circuit board can be shaped to fit into various complex designs, and they offer freedom of designing while retaining their repeatable performance, and density.

As a preferred flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, reliability is the most important aspect at Rigiflex. We are ITAR M26780 and AECA compliant registered with The Office of Defense Trade Controls. We possess the necessary certifications to build PCBs according to military specifications. With reliable products and customer-focused service, Rigiflex is one of the preferred flex PCB manufacturers and suppliers in USA with a vast experience in serving various industries. At Rigiflex, the PCBs are built using robust materials, and are tested to withstand abusive working environments, as well as abrasion, vibration, and hundreds of flexing cycles.

Rigid PCBs: Powering Sensitive & Rugged Applications with Ease

Rigiflex has established its position as an ideal rigid printed circuit board manufacturer for complex requirements. Our rigid printed circuit boards stand the test of time and work brilliantly across all types of applications and working environments. Designed keeping in mind the end use of the product, our rigid PCBs are sturdy and can be used in extreme conditions. As a leading rigid-flex printed circuit board manufacturer and supplier in the USA, we strive to provide exceptional service while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

For over the last 25 years, our team of experienced engineers and designers has worked towards providing exceptional services and solutions. We have spared no expense to ensure that the best product reaches the client. Having established long-standing relationships with organizations and individuals belonging to the medical, military, and electronics industries, we can proudly say that our clients are proof of our success.

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