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PCB Solutions for your Industrial Processes

Industrial and instrumentation products are used by a variety of sectors today in order to produce efficient, reliable, and durable commodities. The success of these commodities depends on the use of advanced manufacturing systems, energy control systems, as well as specialized testing equipment. All these technologies need to perform at 100% in order to facilitate the manufacturing of industrial products. Rigiflex has supported this industry for years by delivering high performance printed circuit boards.

At Rigiflex Technology, we provide highly engineered PCB solutions to support our client’s industrial processes. Our extremely knowledgeable engineering team can create customized PCB designs that can help to provide a solution for specific industrial requirements such as safety, efficiency, and control.

How We can Serve You

The Rigiflex Technology team is supported by our leading edge manufacturing facility, which comprises the latest in PCB design and manufacturing equipment. We have the capabilities to produce rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards of various shapes and sizes. Complex designs are not a problem for our PCB team, which can create circuit boards with over 24 layers.

As industrial processes consist of machines working with high pressures and temperatures, we utilize materials that are capable of protecting PCB during these arduous operations. Materials used include high grade epoxy, metal core, high-speed FR408HR, Pyralux AP and polyimide. Our customers can choose from a range of finishes for complete circuit board protection:

  • Electrolytic Nickel/Gold
  • Hot Air Solder Level (HASL)
  • Immersion Gold
  • ENIG
  • Immersion Silver

For rapid prototyping and manufacturing, we make use of PCB milling machines and silk screen printing. Laser technology is one of our prime manufacturing technologies used in the PCB manufacturing process. Our PCBs are thoroughly tested to meet American and global standards. We conform to the regulations laid down by ISO, IPC, UL, and MIL-PRF.

Rigiflex is an ITAR registered company that continually strives to provide solution based PCBs for your industrial processes.

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