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Rigid Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer: Guaranteed Quick Delivery

Rigiflex Technology, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality rigid printed circuit boards at competitive prices. As the name suggests, these PCBs use an inflexible, solid, and rigid substrate material such as fiberglass, which prohibits these boards from bending. We can provide high-quality, and performance-oriented rigid printed circuit boards in diverse specifications.

Different Types of Rigid PCBs Provided by Rigiflex

  • Single Sided PCBs: These rigid printed circuit boards feature metal trace on single side of the dielectric. Single sided rigid PCBs are ideal for rapid productions due to their manufacturability, as well as simple design.
  • Double Sided PCBs: As the name suggests, these printed circuit boards have a layer of dielectric sandwiched between two metal layers. The double sided rigid printed circuit boards have become an industry staple. Their applications vary from low to high temperature ranges, fine line surface mounting, solder coatings, and high copper builds.
  • Multi-layer PCBs: Multi-layer rigid PCBs feature more than two conductive metal layers, which are clearly separated by equal dielectric layers. These circuit boards allow our PCB designers to create a vast range of interconnects, as well as applications.

Rigid PCB Capabilities of Rigiflex

We can take up any simple or complex rigid PCB requirement due to our experience and expertise. Our following capabilities have helped us become one of the leading rigid printed circuit board manufacturer in the US.

PCB Board Attributes Capabilities
Layer Count 1-30 Layers
Board Thickness 0.2 – 5.0mm ( Max) | 30 x50mm ( Min)
Copper Thickness on Outer Layer 1 Oz – 6 Oz
Copper Thickness on Inner Layer H Oz- 5 Oz
Max Thru Hole Aspect Ratio 10:1
Max Blind Via Aspect Ratio 75:1
Minimum Line Width and Spacing .003ʺ
Stacked Vias Yes
Surface Finishes Immersion Gold, HASL,OSP
Solder Mask White, Black, Blue, Green, Red
Legend/Silkscreen Color Black, White

MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-PRF-50884, MIL-PRF-31032

UL94V.0, IPC-6012,6013, ISO-9001, AS9100

Quality and Compliance

IPC – 6012, 6013, AS9100

ISO – 9001, UL94V.0

Minimum Drill (Mechanical) Hole Diameter .008″ (0.2 mm)
Minimum Micro Via (Laser) Size 3 mil (0.07 mm)
Minimum Via (Laser) Size 5 mil (0.15 mm)
Turnaround Times Single Sided, Double-Sided, Multilayered: 24-48 Hours

Rigiflex is an expert rigid printed circuit board manufacturer with over 20 years of industrial experience. We have a team of experts with a deep understanding of customer requirements. Our PCBs are designed to withstand harsh conditions. We assure the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone on (714) 688-1500. Alternatively, you can also mail us your queries and requirements at pcboards@rigiflex.com.

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