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Creating Satisfaction for Clients and their Customers with Home Appliance based Printed Circuit Boards

The flexibility of printed circuit boards allows them to be used not only used for industrial products but home appliances as well. Printed circuit boards can be found in a variety of tools and appliances such as TV remote controls, various types of lighting appliances, washing machines, and even home AV equipment. Rigiflex Technology is poised to support the Fast Moving Consumer Electronics (FMCE) industry.

We at Rigiflex Technology provide end-to-end solutions to bring electronic consumer products to life. We understand that the efficiency of your product partly depends on the performance of our PCB. For this reason, we take immense care in using only the best of materials, design software, and manufacturing processes to build solution based printed circuit boards.

Material procurement and selection is one among our many fortes. We can easily help you to choose the right materials that will work in your industrial product application. Our material list includes:

  • Pyralux AP, LF, FR
  • Polyimide
  • FR408
  • 370HR
  • High-speed FR408HR
  • FR406
  • High-Speed Pyralux TK

Circuitry tracing is done by hand or by using machines, depending on your choosing. We have the capabilities to create intricate designs and patterns to support superior PCB performance. To ensure that all components are attached properly to the circuit board, we employ high grade soldering fillers, which act as a strong adhesive. Our printed circuit boards have been known to provide efficient performance even after many hours of use.

Our PCBs undergo intensive testing procedures before they are deemed ready for delivery. We utilize AOI and Flying Probe to test our PCBs. Time is always of the essence with consumer electronic products. At Rigiflex, we pride ourselves on providing completed PCBs within the shortest turnaround time. We can deliver single and double sided printed circuit boards within 1 or 2 days. PCBs with multiple layers can be completely manufactured and delivered to you in less than a week.

So why look to any other PCB manufacturer? Contact Rigiflex Technology today with your PCB requirements.

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