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Case Studies

    • Rigiflex Joins Hands with a Leading Medical Device Manufacturing Organization: 
      Rigiflex has been working with a renowned medical device manufacturing organization for some years now. This organization has been developing breakthrough products in the medical industry used specifically for X-rays, radiology, security, and more. Recently, this organization was commissioned to design a prototype for a handheld medical device. ..Read more


    • Improved Power Distribution Control Circuit Application Using Rigid-Flex PCB Design 
      Rigiflex Technology is one among the most ingenious printed circuit board manufacturing firms in the US. We have been providing PCB designing and manufacturing services for more than 2 decades. The industries we have served range from telecom, computer and networking, and aerospace to military and medical. Every now and then, we encounter some challenging projects, and that is when our true potential is realized. ..Read more


    • Rigiflex Works With an Industrial Sensor Manufacturer to Improve On the PCB Design 
      Rigiflex ties up with several organizations that support multifarious industries. One such organization develops wireless sensors for industrial use. These sensors can be used to control operation of applications as well as for automation. These sensors are used to detect any performance issues as well as control daily tasks. No matter what the application, their use is critical in nature. Another important aspect is their size. It is important that these devices remain compact so that they can be used in conjunction with any application, even in constrained spaces.. ..Read more

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