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Reliable Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer: Our Offerings

Flexible printed circuit boards comprise components and printed board circuitry made of flexible materials. These circuit boards are also referred to as flexible circuits, flexible PCBs, flex circuits, flex circuit boards, and flexible printed circuits. A flex circuit board comprises a metallic layer of traces that are bonded to a layer of dielectric. The metallic layers are normally made of copper, and their thickness may vary from 0.0001ʺ to 0.010 ʺ. The dielectric is normally made of polyester or polyimide, and their thickness may vary from 0.0005ʺ to .010ʺ. The metal is bonded to the substrate using an adhesive.

Being one of the leading flex PCB manufacturers, we can provide you flexible circuits in a wide range of specifications and capabilities.

Different Types of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Provided by Rigiflex

We provide the following types of flexible circuit boards on the basis of your requirements. We regularly design the following types of flex circuit boards for our clients:

  • Single Sided Circuits: These types of flex circuits feature a single metal trace layer, which is bonded on one side of the dielectric layer or bonded between two dielectric layers.
  • Double Sided Circuits:These flexible printed circuit boards feature metal layers on both sides of a single layer of dielectric. These metal layers are connected using metallized plated thru-holes. The outer layers of these circuits may have exposed pads or covers.
  • Multi-layer Circuits: These flexible PCBs feature three or more metal layers that are separated by layers of dielectrics. The conductive metal layers are connected using plated thru-holes, which are metallized. The outer layers of these circuits may have exposed pads or covers.
  • Rigid Flex Circuits: These are hybrid printed circuit boards that feature three or more conductive layers with rigid or flexible materials as insulators. The outer layers of these layers may have exposed pads or covers. The rigid and flexible layers of these printed circuit boards are connected using plated through-holes.

Flexible PCB Capabilities of Rigiflex

We provide various types of single sided, double sided, multi-layer and rigid flex circuit boards in various specifications. The following capabilities have helped us made us one of the preferred flex PCB manufacturer in the US.

Standard Panel Size 18″x24″
Copper Thickness 0.5 oz. To 6.0 oz.
Board Thickness 0.5mm~3.0mm (0.02″~0.12″)
Minimum Height 35 mil (0.89 mm)
Minimum Width 8 mil (0.20 mm)
Solder Mask White, Black, Blue, Green, Red
Legend/Silkscreen Color Black, White
Surface Finishing Immersion Gold, HASL, OSP
Layer 1-20 Layers

MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-PRF-50884, MIL-PRF-31032

UL94V.0, IPC-6012,6013, ISO-9001, AS910

Turnaround Times Single-sided: 24 to 48 hours
Double-sided: 24 to 48 hours
Multilayers: 1 to 5 days
Minimum Drill (Mechanical) Hole Diameter .008″ (0.2 mm)
Minimum Micro Via (Laser) Size 3 mil (0.07 mm)
Minimum Via (Laser) Size 5 mil (0.15 mm)
Shielding Material Copper, Silver Ink, Tatsuta, Carbon

Benefits of Flex Circuit Boards

The flexible printed circuit boards are often used in industries where unfavorable conditions exist. The following advantages offered by these PCBs have contributed to their popularity across various industries.

  • Design Flexibility: Flexible components used in these circuit boards can be folded, bent, or configured in any thickness or shape. This allows our PCB designers to conceptualize electronics package in any size to meet the client requirements.
  • Compact Sizes:The design flexibility offered by the flexible components enables us to assure the smallest possible package sizes to fit into the smallest areas.
  • Low Assembly, Material, and Handling Costs: The manufacturing costs of these flexible circuit boards are comparatively lower than other printed circuit boards. This is because flexible and thinner polyimide films can be fit into smaller areas, and this substantially reduce the material costs. Also, the entire interconnect system into a single integrated part, which further helps in reducing assembly and handling costs.
  • Fast Replacement for Wire Harness Assemblies and Wire Harnesses: The flexible circuits are becoming fast replacements for hand wired assemblies comprising several wirings because they help reduce errors.

Applications of Flexible Circuit Boards

The flex circuit boards are widely used in the following industries owing to their aforementioned advantages:

  • Communications
  • Industrial
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Transportation

Being a trusted flexible printed circuit board manufacturer with a vast industry experience, we specialize in rigid and flexible circuit boards. We have a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of various technologies and trends. They work with clients to understand their challenges and business requirements. The different types of flexible circuit boards that we provide are strong enough to survive unfavorable environments, and assure a high ROI. A well-equipped facility and a team of experienced professionals help us assure the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Do you wish to know more about flexible PCBs or other types of circuit boards that we manufacture? Please get in touch with our professionals today. You can reach out to us via phone on (714) 688-1500. Alternatively, you can also email us your queries and requirements at pcboards@rigiflex.com.

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