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Rigiflex Offers a Comprehensive Range of Functional PCB Inspection and Testing Services

Rigiflex has been providing printed circuit board testing services to its customers, since inception. Our working partnerships with industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have enabled us to offer a complete range of mechanical and electrical testing, and inspection services for printed circuit boards and electrical assemblies.

Advanced PCB Testing and Inspection Technologies

Inspection Capabilities

Inspecting PCBs at different manufacturing stages helps detect errors in early stages. The earlier manufacturing defects are found, they are easy to rectify. Also, correcting the defects help improve yields. Following are our inspection capabilities:

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): This inspection method allows us to ensure the accuracy of soldering, missing components, and component placement down to 0603mm (0201ʺ). We employ AOI for continuous process monitoring, as well as filtering out defects during the PCB repair.
  • X- Ray Inspection (3D and 2D): This testing is usually conducted for QFN, BGA, and through-hole components. Our advanced X-ray inspection helps us provide the accurate visual verification against shorts, voids, and insufficient fills.

Testing Capabilities of Rigiflex

Our comprehensive testing capabilities allow us to ensure maximum quality for manufactured PCBs. Depending on the component selection, production procedures, and batch volume, we decide a testing strategy, which has helped us improve our production quality and quantity, as well as reduce the manufacturing defects, and costs. The following are highlights of our testing capabilities:

  • Flying Probe: This capability allows us to provide full testing coverage to small volume builds and prototypes. Our flying probe capability also allows us avoid custom fixtures, which may burden our customers.
  • In-circuit Testing (ICT): This testing is generally employed for volume production. Our ATE and ICT capabilities enable us to conduct efficient testing for a vast range of component or assembly defects, for a maximum 73 cm board width and with 5000 testing points.
  • Functional Testing: We understand that every PCB demands a different testing approach. Our experienced engineering team builds custom testing strategies to suit testing requirements of a PCB. Apart from the circuit board testing, some of the functional tests provided by us include:
    • Sub-level assembly
    • Board level
    • Cables and harness
    • System level
    • Circuit board
  • Burn- in Test: This testing helps us validate that the PCB will perform and survive in real-life environments.

Rigiflex is a leading printed circuit board manufacturer with experience of serving customers across various industry verticals. We seek pride in our engineering practices and engineers with in-depth understanding of client requirements. Our printed circuit boards are designed to meet diverse industrial requirements. Our advanced testing equipment and inspection capabilities help us ensure defect-free products. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone on (714) 688-1500. Alternatively, you can also mail us your queries and requirements at pcboards@rigiflex.com.

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