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Unique PCB Solutions for Networking and Communications

Printed circuit boards are a technological advantage to the networking and communications industry. Whether it is broadcast, mobile, or web networks, printed circuit boards are extremely important to create hassle free communication. Rigiflex Technology is at the top of the list of PCB manufacturers that provide solution driven printed circuit boards for the networking and communications industry.

What We can Offer You

Rigiflex Technology has the technical expertise to design and build powerful and durable printed circuit boards for a variety of applications. We can provide single sided or double-sided rigid and flexible PCBs. We can also provide customized rigid flex PCBs for specialized applications.

We work with you to understand your PCB requirements completely. We provide detailed information and recommendations on the materials, finishes, and assembly of the printed circuit boards. For the networking and communication applications, we generally recommend the following materials:

  • Glass epoxy FR4
  • Polyimide
  • High speed Pyralux TK
  • 370 HR

Generally, one will find PCBs with 2 to 14 layers in networking applications. We have the expertise and the required facilities to manufacture PCBs with over 24 layers. Our fabrication types include array layouts, scoring, and breakaway routing, and complex machining. Rigiflex recommends circuit board features such as wave soldering, conformal coatings, along with lead free HASL finishes. Silk screen printing can also be performed along with the flush surface finishes.

In terms of assembly, we suggest going in for surface mounting or pin through hole assembly depending upon the application. If the client’s application requires it, we can customize the assembly of the PCB using FQN, BGA, and LGA packaging.

Our PCBs drive networking and communication applications, whether they are within the office environment or at onsite locations. Rigiflex PCBs can be found in enormous storage systems, cell phone tower systems, mobile communication systems, wireless systems, and digital and analog broadcasting systems.

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