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Improved Power Distribution Control Circuit Application Using Rigid-Flex PCB Design

Rigid-Flex Circuit Design for Control Circuit Application

Rigiflex Technology is one among the most ingenious printed circuit board manufacturing firms in the US. We have been providing PCB designing and manufacturing services for more than 2 decades. The industries we have served range from telecom, computer and networking, and aerospace to military and medical. Every now and then, we encounter some challenging projects, and that is when our true potential is realized.

Recently a contract manufacturing company contacted us for assistance in improving the power distribution in a control circuit application using a rigid-flex PCB design.


One of our clients needed our services to improve the quality and supply chain reliability of the rigid-flex PCB circuits for a power distribution control circuit application.

Our View of the Problem

The actual problem was that the product had already been in production, but was facing issues due to circuit failure. Moreover, the existing rigid-flex circuit design did not meet IPC standards for materials as well as construction. Therefore, a solution was needed that should not only solve these problems, but should also be within the existing manufacturing cost.


The engineering team at Rigiflex was more than happy to offer a solution to overcome the issue and help our client continue production by the earliest. After a detailed inspection, the team was able to identify the exact cause of the failures detected by the client in the previous rigid-flex circuit design. The engineering team at Rigiflex found that the client was using outdated methods to produce new designs. The solution rendered by Rigiflex was to revise the designs and update the process in order to meet the current IPC-2223C standards. Also, it was suggested to use cost effective materials to keep the prices in check. The suggestions were immediately implemented by the client and the rigid-flex, product, thus created was high-quality, reliable and within the existing price targets. Further, Rigiflex decided to conduct technical sessions with the customer and the end user to educate them about the unique features and benefits of the new rigid-flex circuit design.


The contract manufacturing company implemented the new and reliable rigid-flex circuit design recommended by Rigiflex into its current as well as new parts. Now, they do not face issues with circuit failure. Besides, the client has been able to enhance its production at no additional expenses.


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