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Chip-on-Board Metal Core PCBs

Chip-on-Board Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (COB MCPCB) is a type of semiconductor assembly technology. Unlike the traditional assembly process, COB MCPCB has a micro-chip (which is also referred to as die). The micro-chip touches the metal core, which dissipates heat. This forms an electrical interconnection between the chip and the trace on the board. Since, there is direct contact between the die and the board, there is no need for a dielectric layer. Thus, the thermal conductivity of the Chip-on-Board Metal Core PCB is the same as that of metal core material. Rigiflex is a well-known manufacturer of rigid PCBs, as well as rigid flex PCBs, which also helps design COB MCPCBs.

Advantages of Using Rigiflex’s COB Metal Core PCBs

There are numerous advantages of using COB metal core PCBs, some of which are as given below:

  • One of the biggest advantages of utilizing a COB metal core PCB is that it helps you improve your time to market capability.
  • These metal core PCBs have an excellent heat dissipation capability.
  • They have a very good thermal conductivity of 137W/m.K.
  • These PCBs have a better heat dispatch property, and require a lesser number of solder joints as compared to the other types. This increases the reliability of these PCBs.
  • High power LEDs can be easily assembled on the Chip-on-Board metal core PCBs.
  • The use of COB metal core PCBs improve the lifespan, as well as the reliability of the LEDs.
  • The material and production process used for these PCBs are of high quality. This is responsible for making the assembly easier, and decreases the error percentage in the assembly process by a considerable amount.
  • These PCBs consume less space, and thus lesser costs.
  • The metal core PCBs have an enhanced security protection, and are very hard to hack using reverse engineering technique.

Applications of Chip-on-Board Metal Core PCBs

The several advantages of Chip-on-Board Metal Core PCBs make them popular among a number of different applications. Some of the major applications, which use these PCBs are:

  • Electronics Lighting
  • High Power LED (up to 200W)
  • Power Supply
  • LED Backlight for LED TV
  • Automotive
  • LED Front Light for E-Book
  • Street & Parking Lot Lighting
  • Agriculture & Horticulture Lighting
  • Other products that require thermal solutions

Rigiflex has a strong backing of more than two decades of experience in manufacturing flex circuit boards and rigid flex circuit boards. With a team of trained and knowledgeable professionals, we provide sturdy PCBs that can withstand extreme conditions. We are known to provide the fastest turnaround times. To know more about the Chip-on-Board MCPCBs, and other types of metal core PCBs available with us, please contact us at the earliest. You can call us on (714) 688-1500 or mail us your requirements at pcboards@rigiflex.com.

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