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Rigid-Flex PCBs Applications

The increasing trend of miniaturization of electronic systems demands highly flexible PCB boards. Rigid-flex PCBs contribute largely in this regard, adding to its popularity in the marketplace. Several advantageous factors that add to the popularity of rigid-flex PCBs for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. These include:

  • Reduced manufacturing cost as fewer parts are needed for the entire assembly.
  • Extreme reliability due to the assembly with minimal number of wires, cables, plug-in connections, and solder joints.
  • Occupy less space when compared to traditional boards.

Due to all these reasons, rigid-flex circuit boards are commonly used in the assembly of several kinds of electronic systems in various industries.

Rigid-Flex – Industries Served

Rigid-flex PCB’s applications are myriad. They are used in small consumer products like phones, and multimedia players to sophisticated military/avionics systems.

Rigid-flex applications are listed in a nutshell below:

  • Industry – Medical

      Applications – Pacemakers, cochlear implants, handheld monitors, imaging equipment, drug delivery systems, wireless controllers, among others.

  • Industry – Military

      Applications – Weapons guidance systems, communication systems, GPS, aircraft missile-launch detectors, surveillance or tracking systems, and others.

  • Industry – Aerospace

     Applications – Radar equipment, GPS, radio communication systems, control tower systems, sensors, noise and vibration testing systems, motion sensors, environmental and climatic test chambers.

  • Industry – Telecommunication

     Applications – Base stations, handheld units, communication satellites, wireless communication systems, signal processing systems, transmission media, routers and servers, online signal expansion systems and so on.

  • Industry – Automotive

      Applications – Electronic control module, transmission controls, LCD displays, comfort control units, air conditioning systems, music systems, traction control systems, entertainment systems, and navigation systems.

  • Industry – Manufacturing/Industrial

     Applications – Test equipment, electrical switches, industrial automation systems, control panels, industrial air conditioners, and CCTV surveillance systems.

  • Industry – Consumer Appliances

     Applications – Oven, TV remote controllers, washing systems, lighting systems, solar power systems, UV water purifiers, electronic irons, among others.

When compared to traditional rigid boards, rigid-flex circuit boards have several benefits. Some of these include; reduced packaging weight, minimized manufacturing costs, and abated interface connections. Also, they can resist sudden temperature excursions during the manufacturing processes and can withstand the harshest conditions in the application area. Moreover, they are flexible and can be used in applications where space is a constraint. Due to all these reasons, rigid-flex circuit boards are largely procured for applications across industrial/commercial/and domestic sectors.

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