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Rigid-Flex PCBs Benefits

Rigid-flex PCBs are associated with several advantages when compared to traditional rigid boards. Nowadays, electronic devices from small remote controllers to highly sophisticated radar systems are designed to be compact, lightweight, and flexible. Rigid-flex PCBs are contributing largely to meet these criteria.

Here, benefits of rigid-flex PCB are briefly discussed. 

Benefits of Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Rigid-flex PCBs offer various benefits when used in small to large industrial/commercial/domestic electronic systems. Rigid-flex PCBs are largely chosen since:

  • It gives you the flexibility to manufacture the board to fit into the device, rather than making a device considering the specifications of the board.
  • It is lightweight and compact, hence, reduced packaging size.
  • It can be designed to fit confined or smaller areas, contributing largely in product miniaturization. It can be bent and folded easily to fit perfectly into smaller devices.
  • It is designed without solder joints, connectors, or contact crimps. This adds to its integrity and reliability when used in demanding applications.
  • It integrates both rigid and flexible circuitry, hence fewer number of interconnects, and reduced circuitry failure.
  • It can withstand temperature extremes due to exceptional thermal stability of ployimide used in the assembly. This superior feature makes it a reliable choice for military and defense applications.
  • It requires fewer materials for the assembly. Hence, less manufacturing and material procurement cost.
  • It exhibits excellent resistance to UV and radiation exposures, harsh chemicals, and oils.
  • It is designed to be surface mounted easily on both sides.
  • Rigid-Flex PCBs designed with varied material options and a myriad of layouts to meet the requirements of customers across industries.
  • It can be robustly manufactured to withstand shock, vibrations, and other aggressive industrial conditions.

Owing to all these aforementioned features, rigid-flex circuit boards are largely utilized for applications in aerospace, manufacturing, construction, power generation, consumer, and automotive sectors.

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