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The Scope of Rigid PCBs in Industrial Applications

The compact size, immunity to movement, and easy maintenance makes rigid PCBs an ideal product for a variety of applications. They are particularly useful in industries where components need to be fixed, and need to deal with application stress, and elevated temperatures.

Examples of Rigid PCB Applications

Given below are some of the applications of rigid PCBs.

  • Industrial Electronics and Automation: Rigid PCBs can be used to support light as well as heavy duty applications. Multilayered PCBs can be used to provide controlled impedance and creating buried connections. Heavy duty PCBs can be used to support applications involving high voltage and frequency. . Examples of automation applications include robotics, gas and pressure controllers, pick and place equipment, and surge suppressors.
  • Medical: While flexible circuits are more popular in this sector, rigid PCBs also have a place in medical applications. They are mainly used for the large sized, non-portable equipment. Examples of these include tomography equipment, Electromyography (EMG) machines, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems.
  • Aerospace: The aerospace industry consists of challenging, high temperature environments. Rigid PCBs can come in handy here, as they can be designed with copper and aluminum substrates, and high temperature laminates. Examples of aerospace applications include Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), airplane cockpit instrumentation, power converters, temperature sensors, and control tower instrumentation systems.
  • Automotive: Rigid PCBs can be found in medium to large sized vehicles. Like aerospace applications, the PCBs can be constructed with high copper and aluminum substrates. High temperature laminates can be added for protection against the engine heat and environmental contaminants. Automotive PCBs can also be constructed out of plated copper for improved durability. Rigid PCBs can be used in applications such as AC/DC power converters, Electronic Computer Units (ECUs), transmission sensors, and power distribution junction boxes.

These are just a few examples of the industries and applications in which rigid PCBs can be used. With the use of better materials and components, the possibilities for the use of rigid PCBs can be increased. Hence, it is important that the PCB manufacturer understands the application requirement thoroughly. As a client, you need to provide all the data the manufacturer will need to design a PCB. The combination of detailed designs, industrial grade components, and proficient assembly processes, can help create a PCB that will meet your needs.

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