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Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards

Heavy copper printed circuit boards feature 3 ounces of copper in outer/inner layers. These printed circuit boards are valued immensely, due to their thermal management capabilities. The heavy copper composition helps keep inner components cool, and improves their performance. Rigiflex Technology, Inc. provides performance-oriented, heavy copper PCBs, which ensure efficient thermal management and power distribution.


Our following capabilities have helped us become one of the leading heavy copper printed circuit board manufacturers in the US:

Base Material

FR/4 all TGs, Aluminum, Ceramic, Teflon, Polyamide, Copper

Copper Thickness

4 Oz – 10 Oz

Extreme Heavy Copper

20 Oz – 200 Oz


Red Oil/Green/Blue/Black/White

Surface Finishing

Immersion Gold, OSP, and HASL


Punching, Routing, V-Cut

Maximum Panel Size

22.8 ʺ *18.9ʺ

Maximum Number of Layers


Finished Thickness

0.020 ʺ – .275 ʺ

Minimum Soldermask Clearance


Minimum Solder Dam Width

5.5 MIL


Blind and Buried Vias


Minimum Drill Bit Hole Size: .012ʺ
Minimum Holes Size: .008" +.005"/-.008"
Maximum Hole Aspect Ratio = 10:1

Controlled Impedance

+/- 10%

Minimum Silkscreen Line Width


Benefits of Heavy Copper PCBs

Heavy base copper PCBs offer several advantages such as:

  • Reduced wired buss configurations lead to small PCB size
  • Easy integration with high-power circuits and control circuits
  • Enhanced thermal resistance reduction with addition of copper plating in the heat vias
  • Increased current carrying capacity, as well as endurance to thermal strains
  • Reduced layer count due to easy incorporation of multiple copper weights on a single layer
  • Enhanced mechanical strength in PTH Holes and connector sites
  • Allow use of exotic materials to their full potential without causing circuit failure
  • Heavy copper plated vias carry high current through the circuit board, as well as help transfer heat to the heatsink in the exterior.
  • The PCBs can withstand high thermal cycling

Industries Using Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards

Over the years, we have served industrial clients from the following industries:

Industrial Applications Using Heavy Copper PCBs

The following are a few industrial applications that use heavy copper PCBs

  • Solar Power Converters
  • Overload Relays
  • High Power Rectifiers
  • Power Converters for Railway Electrical Systems
  • Safety and Signal Systems
  • Traction Converters for Railway Applications
  • Protection Relays
  • Excitation Systems for Power Regulators
  • HVAC Systems
  • Nuclear Power Applications
  • Weapons Control Systems
  • Power Supplies for Radar Systems

These PCBs are known for excellent thermal management in various applications. To know more about heavy copper PCBs or other FR4 PCBS, please call us on (714) 688-1500, or mail us at pcboards@rigiflex.com.

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