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Proven Flying Probe Testing Services that Assures Quick Turnaround

Flying probe testing is an automated PCB testing technique, which helps speed up testing, and assures unlimited fault coverage in prototype PCBs. Rigiflex utilizes flying probe testing to deliver high-quality prototypes, and at fastest turnaround times. In this method, no expensive test fixtures are required. This helps eliminate enormous programming costs.

Flying Probe Testing Process at Rigiflex

The following are features of flying probe testing conducted at Rigiflex

  • Generally, we use 4-8 test heads across the PCB. These test heads are moved at very high speed.
  • Each head features an electrical probe, which makes a contact with leads and test device vias on the board, and provides sequential access. The electrical probe is software controlled, and can be precisely moved around in short distances. This set up also allows us to make quick changes such as changing component or pad positions.
  • We use an advanced manufacturing defects analyzer (MDA) to detect opens, shorts, missing components, wrong polarities, etc. This analyzer allow us probe on pins for IC types including PGAs, PLCCs, QFPs, SOICs, and QFPs. Also, accuracy of probe placement is high.
  • As no extra data messaging efforts are required, it helps us ship the boards faster.
  • Our experts can start testing, as soon as they receive PCB files from a client.
  • Our flying testing process allows us detect most manufacturing defects. This helps reduce the debug time for our customers.
  • Our flying test methodology allows us alter between multiple board revisions in the prototype production. This helps us serve OEM who are continually making changes to their printed circuit board designs.

Applications of Flying Probe Testing

Flying probe testing is ideal for the following:

  • Large printed circuit boards
  • PCB prototype boards
  • PCB sample board test

At Rigiflex, customer’s satisfaction is our only business goal. We meet this requirement by providing only best quality PCBs at fast turnaround times. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to fulfill diverse client requirements. No matter, whether your requirement is big or small, we can definitely help you. Our experts have a vast industry experience, which helps us maximize efficiency of our testing process. To know more about our flying probe testing or other testing services, please contact us at the earliest.

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