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Comprehensive In-circuit Testing (ICT) Services

After the assembly of a printed circuit board (PCB), it is very much essential to test it and ensure proper working. In-circuit Testing, which is most commonly referred to as ICT is a type of testing performed on a PCB to check for proper working of the components on the board. Majority of the faults on a circuit board are a result of imperfect manufacturing process. These faults are induced by wrong components, open circuits, and short circuits. In-circuit testing helps find out all such faults on a circuit board and eliminate the risk of additional repair costs. In this type of testing, a number of parameters, including capacitance, and resistance are measured. Other than that, it is also checked whether analogue components like operational amplifiers are working fine. When a PCB is passed through the ICT, it makes sure that the circuit board is manufactured properly and does not have any manufacturing defects. Thus, a PCB, which has passed the in-circuit test without any defects is most likely to perform as per its specifications. Rigiflex has a team of professionals, who have an expertise in in-circuit testing techniques.

In-circuit Testing Elements at Rigiflex

In order to perform effective in-circuit testing, you need to have all the necessary testing equipment. Here are some important elements of in-circuit testing equipment that we have at Rigiflex:

  • Software: For each board that is to be tested, a software is written. The main purpose of this element of in-circuit testing system is to provide instructions to the test system. These instructions include information about the tests to be performed, the details of the type of tests to be performed, and the information about the pass or fail criteria.
  • In-circuit Tester: The in-circuit test system is made up of a number of sensors and drivers, which play an important role in setting-up and performing the measurements. There are several driver sensor points, whose count can exceed 1000. The large connectors connected on the system is connected to these driver sensor points.
  • Fixture: This is the second part of the tester to which the in-circuit test system connector is interfaced. There is a vast variety of boards, and thus fixtures are specifically designed to suit the type of board for which it is made. A fixture plays the role of a connector between the in-circuit tester and the board. A fixture is responsible for connecting the driver sensor points and routing them directly to the appropriate points present on the board. Bed of nails is used for the purpose of connecting and routing.

Rigiflex is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of comprehensive printed circuit board designing and manufacturing services. Our several years of experience have made us knowledgeable in the field. Besides this, our team of professionals have a great expertise in designing PCBs for special requirements. We not only manufacture circuit boards based on your requirements, but also perform extensive testing and inspection processes to ensure the good workability of the manufactured PCB. We execute In-circuit testing techniques for making sure that the circuit board is of high quality. Vast experience, coupled with thorough and updated knowledge has helped us build a strong base of satisfied clients. Are you interested in knowing more about the in-circuit testing services, and several other services that we provide? Please get in touch. You can call us on (714) 688-1500. Alternatively, you can also mail us your requirements at pcboards@rigiflex.com.

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