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10 Layer Flex Circuit Board Bonded Together

At Rigiflex, we build multilayered flex PCBs for various industrial clients. These circuit boards can be employed for various applications from simple to complex. A flexible circuit board comprises a comprehensive array of conductors, which are bonded together on a thin dielectric film. Among various multilayered flex PCBs, the 10 layers flex circuit boards are the most popular. These circuit boards are equipped with copper foils and prepeg glass cloth sheets on the outer level. These prepeg glass cloth sheets offer various benefits to the PCB. The PCB layers are created such that they interchange between prepeg, and pretreated cores.

Advantages of Prepeg in 10 Layers Flex Circuit Boards

The following advantages of prepeg in flex circuit boards contribute to their popularity:

  • The prepeg contains 35% resin, which makes it ideal for curing.
  • The prepeg requires less curing time. After the heat curing cycle is completed, the part is ready for a service. Unlike the general prepeg, one don’t have to wait for 48 hours to allow a complete curing.
  • Prepreg glass cloths are generally handled at room temperature, which helps control the pace of resin set up easily.
  • The prepeg cloth lends mechanical support, which protects the circuit film, and components from damage.
  • The prepeg enables to keep certain areas of flexible circuit board stable and flat.

Steps Involved in Bonding PCB Layers

The layers are bonded together using various high quality presses available at our facility.

  • First, the 10 layer stack is placed under a press.
  • The baseplates are pinned and stacked together.
  • In the next step, the PCB is placed in a bonding press, which employs pressure and heat to bond the layers.
  • The resin in the prepeg is cured by heat, and different layers are bonded by the pressure.
10 Layer Flex Circuit Board Bonded Together
Model: flex board-10L
Layers: 10
Material: FR4+Polyimide
Surface treatment: immersion gold
Width/space: 4/3 mil
Finish thickness: 0.15mm(flex),1.6mm
Min Hot: 0.25mm


OEM Custom Service
Board Thickness 0.5mm~3.0mm (0.02″~0.12″)
Copper thickness: 0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 2.0 OZ, 3.0 OZ, up to 6 OZ
Outline: Routing, punching, V-Cut
Solder mask: White/Black/Blue/Green/Red, Taiyo PSR4000 white
Legend/Silkscreen Color: Black/White
Surface finishing: Immersion Gold, HASL, OSP
Max Panel size: 18″*24″
Packing: Vacuum/Plastic bag
Layer: 1 – 20 layers

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