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12 Layer Flex Circuit Board with Book Binding


Circuit bookbinding is one of the best practices employed by Rigiflex engineers for creating stacked PCBs. For flex PCBs, we offer a 12 layer flex circuit board with bookbinding. An additional small length is added to the circuit, making it move in an outward direction from the bend radius. There are copper traces placed at right angles to the bend. This helps restrict the circuit bend in one direction.

The length to be added depends on total number of layers in the PCB, as well as the tightness of the bend. The advantage of circuit bookbinding is that it removes a great amount of tension from the various circuit layers during the bending process. The method also helps prevent buckling of the circuits at the exact bend radius.

The bookbinded PCBs can easily meet the tight tolerance requirements in comparison to bonded PCBs. This is why this 12 layer PCB is a perfect choice for applications where stricter tolerances are required. Its polyamide construction delivers immense strength and flexibility. This flexi PCB can easily perform 180° bends. Also, the construction helps prevent buckling of inner layers, which often occurs in a long term use. This flexibility also helps reduce stress on the internal components. This 12 layer flex circuit board has better shelf life than a 12 layer bonded circuit board. The immersion gold plating offers low contact resistance, good wetting, as well as excellent shelf life. We can provide the 12 layer flex circuit board with book binding in width 4/4 mil, with minimum finish thickness 0.15 mm flex and maximum 1.6 mm.

12 Layer Flex circuit board with Book Binding
Model: flex board-12L
Layers: 12
Material: Polyimide
Surface treatment: immersion gold
Width/space: 4/4 mil
Finish thickness: 0.15mm(flex),1.6mm
Min Hot: 0.25mm

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