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2 Layer Flex PCB

Flexible printed circuit boards are being considered for applications where they will be subjected to extreme temperatures. Rigiflex provides 2 layer flexible printed circuit boards, which are becoming a regular choice for applications across various industries. These circuit boards comprise 2 conductive layers that are placed on a polyimide base. Our flexible circuit boards are known for their improved impedance control, as well as reliability.

These printed circuit boards can be availed in wall thicknesses as small as 0.15mm, and board thicknesses 0.5mm~3.0mm (0.02″~0.12″). These 2 layer flexible printed circuit boards can be availed in various specifications, with the maximum panel size of 18″x24″. The printed circuit boards can be manufactured in any one of the popular solder mask colors including red, black, blue, white, and green. Taiyo PSR4000 white is another popular solder mask option provided by us. However, the silkscreen is provided in any of the two colors – white and black.

Copper used in the PCB helps in conducting electricity. Thus, it is one of the important contributing factors in the performance of the PCB. We can provide the PCBs in various copper thicknesses, such as 0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 2.0 OZ, 3.0 OZ, 4 OZ, 5 OZ and 6 OZ. The outline is created using punching, routing, and V-cut.

2 Layer Flex PCB
Model: flex board-2L
Layers: 2
Material: Polyimide
Surface treatment: immersion gold
Width/space: 4/3 mil
Finish thickness: 0.15mm
Min Hot: 0.25mm

We provide the PCB in various surface finishing options, such as Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL), Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP), and Immersion Gold. All these surface finishing options help increase the shelf life of the PCB, as well as improve its functioning in adverse working conditions.

Several advantages provided by our 2 layer flexible printed circuit boards have contributed to their popularity in various industries. Reduced weight and space are the two main advantages of these PCBs. Our capability to work with thinnest substrates allows us to reduce the weight of the PCB, and make them extremely flexible. The flexible circuit boards provided by Rigiflex are devoid of any expensive connectors or cables, which helps reduce their complexity, while providing the price advantage. The PCBs are designed with interconnects, which can be easily integrated into the required part. Thinnest substrates on the printed circuit boards allow excellent heat dissipation, as well as increase air flow. All these properties help increase the mechanical and electrical performance of these PCBs. In addition to these 2 layer PCBs, we can provide flexible printed circuit boards in layers 1-20. All the PCBs are vacuum packed to avoid damages during the transportation.

OEM Custom Service
Board Thickness 0.5mm~3.0mm (0.02″~0.12″)
Copper thickness: 0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 2.0 OZ, 3.0 OZ, up to 6 OZ
Outline: Routing, punching, V-Cut
Solder mask: White/Black/Blue/Green/Red, Taiyo PSR4000 white
Legend/Silkscreen Color: Black/White
Surface finishing: Immersion Gold, HASL, OSP
Max Panel size: 18″*24″
Packing: Vacuum/Plastic bag
Layer: 1 – 20 layers

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