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16 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB with Fine Pitch BGA


At Rigiflex Technology, Inc. we have been providing highly complex designs and mixed technology printed circuit boards, since our inception. With our proven experience in advanced lead free manufacturing processes, we have been successfully assembling 16 layer rigid-flex PCB with fine pitch BGA boards. Being a full-service PCB assembly company providing fast and flexible turn times by meeting our customers need with the best quality results. Similar to all other product offerings, our range of 16 layer rigid-flex PCB with fine pitch BGA is also assembled ensuring utmost precision and less waste.

The 16 layer rigid-flex PCB with fine pitch BGA boards offered at Rigiflex feature smaller pitch and a higher pin count. We have the experience, facility, and technology to provide fine pitch BGA packages that are 0.8mm or less. Our experienced PCB designers are also careful about adjusting the space and trace limits to match the BGA, thus achieving the fine pitch. Our top-of-the-line fine pitch BGA packages are available with plastic BGAs with die up configurations and a 1.0 mm solder ball pitch. We work in coherence with our board fabrication and assembly teams to ensure that we create reliable and economical PCBs. Our PCBs are designed to meet the regulations of IPC-7095C.

Rigiflex engineering team can work with you to review your design and can assemble the board in a wide array of materials and specifications. Our team is equipped to handle any custom 16 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB with Fine Pitch BGA orders by giving choices of board materials, stiffeners, and finish plating / surface finishes. Since there are high end applications that are driving the need for 16 layer rigid-flex PCB with fine pitch BGA, our team take total responsibility for the quality and delivery of our precision products.

Our focus has always been providing exceptional customer service and manufacturing flex circuits to your exact specifications. Our skilled workforce maintains all the necessary standards and aspects needed to assembly highly reliable 16 layer rigid-flex PCB with fine pitch BGA for applications in medical, implantable, telecommunications, industrial, and other high reliability electronics applications. Being a Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturer, we have gained good reputation for providing time-critical, high performance PCB solutions. Please contact us today to request a same day quote, your PCB assembly quotation is just a click away.

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