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14 Layer Rigid Polyimide PCB

Rigid printed circuit boards are known for their compact size, which enables designing of complex circuitry. Thus, most applications, which require compact circuitry use rigid PCBs. Besides this, the rigid printed circuit boards are designed in such a way that they reduce the electronic noise produced in an application. These benefits make rigid PCBs highly preferred in most applications and industries. We, at Rigiflex, can help you design 14 layer rigid polyimide PCBs of highest industry standards.

We have the capability to help you design PCBs in various material options. The polyimide material has a better flexibility compared to the FR4 material. The polyimide printed circuit boards that we manufacture are extremely light in weight, and have a good resistance to chemicals, and heat. You can overcome all the potential PCB integration problems by using the rigid polyimide PCBs. In addition to this, the polyimide PCBs are most commonly used in military applications, owing to their excellent resistance to heat.

14 Layer Rigid Polyimide PCB
Model: 14L PCB
Base Material: 14L,FR4, TG170
Board Thickness: 2.0 mm
Copper Thickness: 1/H…H/1OZ
Min. Hole Size: 3mil (0.076mm)
Min. Line Width/ Spacing: 3/3 mil
Solder mask/ Silkscreen Color: Green/White
Surface Finishing: Gold

You can select from different materials for designing a custom printed circuit board matching your application requirements. The wide variety of materials that we use for these circuit boards, include CEM3, aluminum, Getek, Nelco, Teflon, PTFE, and polyimide. The 14 layer rigid polyimide PCBs that we manufacture have board thickness of 2.0 mm, and the copper thickness ranging between 1/H and H/1OZ. We implement processes, such as laser drilling, trimming, and routing, which help us achieve line and width spacing of 0.076 mm and 0.0076 mm respectively. The hole sizes in the manufactured circuit boards are of 3 mil. We provide a vast selection of surface finish options, which include plating hard gold, flash gold, immersion gold/tin/silver, HASL, and HASL lead-free. The base materials used in these printed circuit boards are FR4, and TG170.

We have a well-equipped facility with all the advanced machinery, which helps us manufacture these 14 layer rigid polyimide PCBs that match the exact specifications of the clients. For more details get in touch with our professionals

Rigid PCB Capability
No. Item Technical data
1 Layer Count 1-30Layers
2 HDI Type 1+N+1, 2+N+2
3 Material CEM3, FR-4, Halogen Free, Aluminum-based, Teflon, Rogers, Getek, Nelco, PTFE, Polyimide etc
4 Board thickness 0.2~5.0mm
5 Board Size Max. 18”x24”
Min. 30x50mm
6 Copper Thickness Outer layer 1oz~6oz
Inner layer Hoz~5oz
7 Min. Line Width/Space 4/4mil(0.1/0.1mm)
8 Finished Hole size Mechanical 0.20~6.30mm
Laser 5mil, 6mil
9 Blind/buried via(Mechanical) 0.2mm (min)
10 Aspect Ratio 10:1
11 Hole Dia.Tolerance PTH ±0.075mm(3mil)
NPTH ±0.05mm (2mil)
12 Hole Position Tolerance ±0.05mm (2mil)
13 Bow & Twist ≤0.75%
14 Peel strength 1.4N/mm
15 Thermal stress 288℃ & 20 Sec
16 Test Voltage 50-300V
17 Soldermask color Green, Red, Blue, Black, White
18 Silkscreen color White, Black, Yellow
19 Min. S/M Pitch 4mil(0.1mm)
20 Min. Solder Mask Clearance 0.05mm
21 Impedance Control Tolerance +/-10%
22 Outline Tolerance ±0.10mm (4mil)
23 Surface Finish HASL, Lead free HASL, Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver, OSP, Flash Gold, Gold fingers, Plating Hard Gold, Carbon lnk, Peelable mask

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