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Rigid Flex Circuit Boards Colorado

Rigid flex circuit boards feature several layers of flexible inner layers that are attached using a pre-peg bonding film. These circuit boards offer the benefits of both flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit boards in a single application. Today, electronic devices require more than just either flexible or rigid circuit boards, owing to different challenging conditions they are exposed to. This is where rigid flex circuit boards help. At Rigiflex, we possess an extensive experience designing rigid-flex circuit boards in various specifications ranging from standard consumer applications to mission-critical military and defense applications. We build these applications for clients from different states of the US. Colorado is one of those states from where we receive the maximum orders for rigid flex circuit boards.

Why is Rigiflex the Leading Rigid Flex Circuit Board Provider in Colorado?

In recent years, Rigiflex has emerged as one of the leading providers of rigid, rigid flex, and flex circuit boards in the US. We get business from old and new clients alike. Most new clients approach us through referrals. Our ability to deliver quality products in the shortest turnaround times has helped us build a strong footprint. The following capabilities that we have built has played a key role in our growth:

  • Technology Investments: All the stages such as PCB designing and fabrication are carried out at our well-equipped facility in Anaheim, California. The facility is equipped with various advanced machines such as laser plotters, automated optical inspection machines, pick-and-place machines, and so on. These equipment help minimize the errors during PCB fabrication and deliver quality products.
  • Quick Deliveries: The technology investments combined with our vast expertise enable us assure quick deliveries. We assure the standard lead time of 3–4 weeks on regular orders and 1– 5 days on quick-turn orders. Our experts work closely with clients to figure out quick solutions for their requirements.
  • Customer Care: We take pride in our team of talented electronics engineers, who have been a part of our team for several years. They perfectly understand what OEMs in different industries need. They understand the challenges and trends in these industries. Our in-depth understanding of trends and technologies have helped us build result-driven solutions all these years. Our experts can guide customers through all phases of PCB manufacturing.
  • Made in USA: All the printed circuit boards are made in the USA at our California-based facility. We do not work with third-party providers in Asian countries to fulfill our machining and fabrication requirements. This allows us to assure made in USA circuit boards.

Certifications and Standards

Printed circuit boards contribute to the functioning of electronic devices. The failure of circuit boards usually happens due to discrepancies during the manufacturing phase. To avoid this, we employ rigorous testing and inspection during all phases of PCB manufacturing. In addition to this, our PCB fabrication processes adhere to the following quality standards:

  • ISO-9001
  • IPC-6012,6013
  • UL94V.0
  • MIL-PRF-31032
  • MIL-PRF-55110
  • MIL-PRF-50884

At Rigiflex, we have built a list of happy and satisfied customers across domains. This was only possible owing to our resources and the commitment to serve customers beyond their expectations. We specialize in customized solutions. Are you looking for a reliable provider of rigid-flex PCBs in Colorado? We can help you with an end-to-end solution for your PCB requirements.

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