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Single Layer Metal Core PCBs

Single layer metal core PCBs are made from one thin layer of thermally conductive, but electrically insulating dielectric material laminated with copper. It consists of a metal base in either aluminum or copper alloy, dielectric layer, and copper conductor layer. The thickness of the copper layer varies from 1-20 ounces.

Single Layer Metal Core PCB Capabilities

Below are the capabilities of the Single Layer metal core PCB at Rigiflex

Technical Specification




Aluminum core
FR4 prepreg


HAL lead-free
chemical gold
immersion tin

Initial copper

35µm (for 1.5mm)
140µm (for 2.0mm)
Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver
Surface Finish
Immersion Gold
Inspection Methods
100% Visual Inspection
Cross Sectioning
Sample Lot Inspection
Electrical Testing
Min. conductor width-150µm
Maximum Number of Layers: 1- 20
Minimum Line Spacing and Line Width: 3 MIL


Advantages of Single layer metal core PCB

Below are some of the advantages of single layer PCBs:

  • Single layer PCB has high thermal conductivity, which permits a quick and effective transfer of the heat produced.
  • Compatible for simple, low-density designs
  • Integration of the cooling unit in the printed circuit board of the Single layer PCB also results in space savings.
  • Very less manufacturing issues.
  • They are popular, comprehensive, and can easily be understood by most PCB manufacturers.

Applications of Single layer metal core PCB

Single layer metal core PCB’s offers a wide range of benefits. Additional application areas for this technology are described below

  • Audio Equipment: With the single layer pattern inside the board, they are mechanically robust and offer thermal efficiency in various audio equipment.
  • Relays (automotive and industrial): The automotive industry uses thermal clad PCB boards, as it needs longer operating times under high operating temperatures coupled with its requirement of effective space utilization.
  • LED lighting: Single layer PCBs assure the lowest possible operating temperatures and maximum brightness to LED bulbs and devices.
  • Sensor products: The high thermal conductivity permits a quick and effective transfer of the heat produced, thus proving viable for various sensor products.
  • Packaging equipment: Single layer metal core PCB boards are available with surface finishes including Organic Surface Protectant (OSP), Immersion Silver, Tin, and Gold plating which increases their efficiency.

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