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Supporting Defense Applications with Military Grade PCBS

Land, air, and maritime defense applications require products with extremely high performance printed circuit boards. The PCBs are expected to not only perform to a certain level of excellence; they also need to be flexible for upgradation in the future. Rigiflex Technology is proud to be one of the top military partners for the design and manufacture of complex, intricate, and high performance printed circuit boards.

Military Grade PCB Solutions

Military printed circuit boards are required to provide efficient performance in high speed and stress situations. At Rigiflex Technology, we never leave anything to chance. We work closely with our military clients to develop seamless as well as sophisticated PCB designs.

To ensure that there are no flaws in the final product, we first create a prototype and put it through various types of demanding tests. This enables us to identify major problems and their sources within the PCB. Eliminating these problems during the prototyping phase not only ensures better performance in an application, it also helps us to increase the manufacturing speed and overall turnaround time.

We utilize materials that have the capability to withstand high amounts of stress, pressure, and temperatures. Rigiflex recommends using high strength copper laminates like Pyralux AP, epoxy laminates like FR408, and various metal core materials. These are just a few examples. We have a long list of materials options that clients can choose from.

Depending on the applications, we provide different types of finishes for our military grade printed circuit boards:

  • ENIG
  • Immersion gold
  • HASL
  • Lead Free HASL
  • Electrolytic nickel and gold
  • Immersion silver
  • Electrolytic wire bondable gold
  • Immersion tin

Our facility comprises high grade equipment to support the PCB manufacturing process. We use laser technology to conduct precision drilling, trimming, and routing processes. Rigiflex PCBs are manufactured with drill holes and trace patterns as small as .004? and .003?.

Rigiflex PCBs used in defense applications are manufactured conforming to the regulations of MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-50884, and MIL-PRF-55110 standards. Contact us to know more.

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