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Types of Flexible PCB’s

12 Layer Flex with Book Binding
  Circuit bookbinding is one of the best practices employed by Rigiflex
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10 Layer Flex Bonded Together
At Rigiflex, we build multilayered flex PCBs for various industrial clients. These
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8 Layer Flex
We at Rigiflex provide high speed and performance flex PCBs that can
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6 Layer Flex
The Rigiflex team utilizes up-to-date knowledge and the latest in engineering and
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4 Layer Flex
Rigiflexs 4 layer flex PCBs are used in a variety of industrial
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2 Layer Flex
We at Rigiflex can design and manufacture simple or complex 2 layer
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6 Layer Flex with stiffener 3 mile LINE / 3 mil space
At Rigiflex, we provide a variety of manufacturing options so that the
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At Rigiflex, we manufacture standard and custom designed flexible printed circuit boards that can be added to the assembly of complex machines. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest in manufacturing equipment to produce cutting edge PCBs. We utilize copper as our base material along with polyimide and glass epoxy for our dielectric layers. To ensure that all our flexible PCBs are protected from high heat and oxidization, we employ high grade gold, ENIG, tin plating, and HASL finishes, to name a few. We can also source quality materials for any of your custom material requirements. Laser technology is applied for performing operations such as routing, trimming and drilling. This gives us the ability to create precision drilled holes with sizes starting from .004″. We even create small sized trace patterns at only .003″. Advanced silk screen printing is utilized to provide effective protection to the copper foils. We utilize specially designed heat sink devices that provide effective thermal dissipation for extreme applications.

We at Rigiflex offer single, double and multiple flexible PCB layers. We provide an outstanding lead time of 24 to 48 hours for our single and double PCB layers. Our multilayer flex PCBs can be delivered to you within a short turnaround time of 1 to 5 days. At Rigiflex, we are qualified and equipped to take on your standard and custom PCB requirements. Contact us to know more about our PCB services.

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