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Types of Rigid PCB’s

14 Layer Rigid with Gold and Solder Plating
Rigiflex is one of the leading and experienced manufacturers of rigid-flex printed
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6 Layer Polyimide
At Rigiflex, we manufacture high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) of different types.
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6 Layer Polyimide with Step down Finger on Layer 3
At Rigiflex, we have been manufacturing various types of rigid-flex printed circuit
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2 Layer Teflon
Rigid flex printed circuit boards are the talk of the day. These
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10 Layer Rigid FR4 with Full Body Gold
Rigid printed circuit boards are the talk of the day. These PCBs
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8 Layer Rigid Polyimide
  Rigid polyimide printed circuit boards (PCBs) are being used today in
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12 Layer Rigid polyimide with Heatsink
  This 12 layer rigid PCB is designed to be used in
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14 Layer Rigid FR4
  Rigid printed circuit boards are being used extensively in a wide
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14 Layer Rigid Polyimide
Rigid printed circuit boards are known for their compact size, which enables
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2 Layer Teflon with ENIG Finish
Nowadays, many applications are using rigid printed circuit boards for their compact
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Rigiflex’s rigid printed circuit boards can be manufactured with single or multiple layers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility gives us the capability to manufacture rigid PCBs up to 24 layers and above.

Excellence is our main goal. At Rigiflex, we utilize only the finest grade materials and high tech equipment to manufacture your PCBs. Glass epoxy FR4 and polyimide are two of the most popular materials opted by for the PCB manufacturing Process. We also provide aluminum and copper bases. We take great care when performing processes like copper plating and gold finishes to the PCB.

Our rigid printed circuit boards can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes according to the client’s application requirements.

We utilize the finest materials for our finishes. Clients can choose from immersion gold, immersion silver, to electrolytic goldand immersion tin finishes. Our PCBs are manufactured to exacting standards, and are built to last

Our PCBs undergo rigorous testing processes to ensure that they are fit to be used in light and heavy duty applications. You will peruse through some of our varied samples below. Contact us to know more about how we can meet your PCB requirements.

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